Small Time Win: Make Money Off Buying Nissin ‘Very Veggie’ Cup Noodles

This is a rare opportunity where you get a $1.00 rebate for an item that costs $0.72. This is what’s known in the world of couponing as a ‘Money Maker’. You can use money makers to increase your overall savings during a grocery shopping trip by letting the profits cover down on savings on other items or you can just walk away profitable.

For people on a budget, ramen noodles are a good way to eat cheap. I used to eat ramen noodles to save money in college. You can find decent tasting ones for less than a dollar for a pack, which can add up to hundreds of dollars of savings over the year. Of course, not everybody wants to eat noodles three times a day everyday. A lot of these also have high sodium content, so I would eat these sparingly. The Very Veggie brand of Nissin Noodles isn’t my first choice for healthy eating, but I suppose it’s healthier than the average ramen pack as it boasts a serving of vegetables in each cup.

Here’s How To Profit

  • Download the ‘Checkout 51’ and ‘Ibotta’ app and set up your account
  • Select the rebate for the Very Veggie Nissin Noodles in Checkout 51 (and Ibotta if available)
  • Select the ‘Any Purchase’ rebate in Ibotta at your grocery store (offer not available in all stores)
  • Go to a grocery store and look for this specific brand of Nissin Noodles (other varieties do not count)
  • Purchase the max that the rebate allows (allowed up to three when I claimed offer)
  • Scan receipt in both apps
  • Earn your money

Heads up: You have to earn at least a threshold to cash out. For Checkout 51 it’s $10 and Ibotta it’s $20.

My Earnings

  • Price per Nissin Noodle Cup (Defense Military Commissary): 0.72
  • Three units purchased
  • Price At Counter: 2.16
  • Surcharge: 5%
  • Total: $2.27
  • Cash back rewards using Apple Pay with Chase: -5% (cancels out surcharge)
    • Check out a Chase Freedom card if you can pay back the balance without interest. The 5% cash back categories every quarter are significant. One category to look out for in Q2 2018: Groceries stores.
    • This is my personal referral link for Chase. You get a $150 sign on bonus if you have to spend $500 in three months. This is only a good idea if you can pay it back immediately. Be wise with credit card use. I don’t work for Chase, but they honestly have been treating me well with an additional 5% every time I use it.
  • Rewards from Checkout 51: $1.00 per item (three purchase limit)
  • Rewards from Ibotta: $0.25 (any purchase rebate)
  • Savings: $3.25
  • Profit: $0.98


Is the profit alone worth your time? No, but everyone needs to eat and I would rather be paid to eat than not. That’s why this is a small time win. Take your wins when you can. Also, I understand that not everyone has access to a military commissary, but this money maker is still possible at other stores. Stay on the lookout for these money makers and other significant savings. For rebates on Ibotta and Checkout 51, buy only what you were going to buy anyway. Do not buy just to get rebates. Be patient, your cash balance will eventually be high enough to cash out.

If you want to download ibotta for yourself, check it out using my referral link here.


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