Investment Ride-along (#3) – Overall Up Almost a Whole Two Dollars

This week has been overall successful, despite reading nothing about volatility in the market. At one point I was up around 11%, but by the end of the week I was only up 0.24%. Even though my portfolio already has 63 holdings, I’m always looking to diversify, especially if I can just buy a fraction of a share, which M1 allows you to do. I decided to do a little more research in Healthcare as my portfolio is pretty heavy on real estate, tech and financials. I finally decided to go with Humana.

Week 3 M1
Bonds AND Stocks down.


Here are several reasons I added Humana:

  • Profit estimates according to reuters
  • Walmart partnership
  • Dependable recurring customer base since the Humana Military department covers TRICARE East and West

What I did not do:

  • Stock valuation: is this stock over or under valued?
    • We’ll see how this plays out, but since overall I only have a fraction of a share, I’m not too concerned about it

Regained Liquidated Funds and Closed Old Portfolio

I finally regained my liquidated funds from my old portfolio. So in case you are wondering, the whole process took about seven business days. This is to prevent fraudulent activity. I was also able to close my old portfolio by simply emailing their support email. Their main support tech, ‘Woot’ not ‘w00t’ did this for me in minutes. Great service! Remember that there are small fees and taxes when selling securities that M1 Finance has no control over. I also decided to invest more into my portfolio since I had already paid my bills and was comfortable with my emergency savings amount. This also prevents me from spending it needlessly.


Overall, both stocks and bonds prices have lost me money since I opened my portfolio. From my understanding, bond yields will go up as bond prices go down, so my best move would be to keep the bonds until maturity and hopefully make some money from the dividends.

The only thing that is keeping my net gain positive are all my investment in REITs. There were several articles I read explaining why there is potential for growth in REITs, here is an example from Barron’s.

  • Weekly Performance: +1.01 (+0.09%)
  • Overall Performance: +1.82 (+0.24%)
    • 0.57 market gain
    • 1.25 earned dividends

Plan Ahead

I will continue to hold my positions in stocks and bonds. As far as slicing my pie, I will consider increasing the total percentage that my REITs take up, consider that my REITs have shown stable returns the last couple of weeks. This goes against a buy high, sell low strategy, but I am keeping this portfolio for at least five years. This is more of a momentum play.

Week 3 M1 REIT Top Holdings
My REIT sub-pie top holdings.

I will continue to invest $10 a day to keep in line with my dollar-cost-averaging strategy.

I will do some research in non-US markets to further diversify my portfolio.

If you want my personal referral link, here it is. We can both make $10 if you sign up!

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