(M1#4) Friday the 13th, Stocks Pulled Through This Week!

Still loving the way M1 lets me invests. I invest $10 a day automatically and I don’t even notice it and I can rest easy knowing that my dollar cost averaging is fully automated and I am buying with ZERO trading fees.

Overall Progress

Overall change: +$2.04 (up 22 cents from last week)
Weekly change: +$0.59
Overall earned dividends: $1.42

Not as much gains as I would have liked, but being up is better than overall losing money.


Usually my REIT and DIVs are pulling through with market gains, but this week my Stocks pie kept me overall positive, while my REITs lost value.Overall, it was a good week for stocks. Over the week, all 27 stock holdings showed market gains except:

  • The Home Depot (-0.92%)
  • Tesla (-0.15%)
  • General Mills (-0.42%)
  • Northrop Grumman Corporation (-0.31%)

I am curious as to why The Home Depot (HD) dropped close to 1% over the week. This article may shed some light. It mentions that there are 16 analyst recommendations to Buy (due to the low price) and 5 recommendations to Hold. I’m confident that HD will have a good year since from I’ve read they have a solid management team, are investing a lot of resources into online shopping, and their products are generally immune from ‘Amazon-the-retail-killer’.

My REIT pie showed a 0.55% decrease, and lost me $2.43 overall. I’m not too concerned about the market loss as long as my dividend yield can keep me positive.

Conclusion and Plan Forward

Because the stock market seems to be on an uptrend (and this is pure speculation and a momentum play), I’ve increased my stock slice from 18.5% to 22%. Additionally, because my REITs are now overall cheaper, I will be purchasing even more of them to obtain more shares and therefore more dividends at a cheaper price.

My new portfolio is now: 50% REITs, 28% Bonds, 22% Stocks. Once I’ve reached this balance, through buying more and NOT selling any shares, I intend on raising my stocks slice to take more advantage of any market gains.

A bonus pro of this app that I just realized is that all my dividends get reinvested per my pie slices, I thought that was pretty cool since my USAA brokerage only reinvests the dividends of a security back into that security. So this is something else to consider when looking for a broker.

Make $10 With Me!

Again, if you are interested in investing with M1, you can use my referral link here and we can both earn a bonus $10!


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