ReceiptHog: From Receipts to Riches

Okay okay, so you won’t get rich scanning your receipts, but it’s a decent way to recoup some of the money you spend on a purchase. I used to never ask for a receipt, now I’m the annoying guy that says ‘yes’ when a vendor asks if I want a receipt.

I’m going to specifically talk about ReceiptHog here and my personal experience. Out of the five receipt scanning apps I’ve been using the last two months, ReceiptHog has so far taken the longest to give me a payout. In fact I’ve just gotten my first payout after two months, which has inspired me to write this post.

So after two months of scanning receipts (mine and my wife’s) I’ve amassed 1000 points, which is enough for a whopping $5 payout from PayPal!

General Rules

  • Maximum of three receipts from the same vendor on the same day
  • Maximum of 20 receipts per week
  • Receipts must be less than two weeks old
  • Receipts must include date, store name, purchased items, and purchase total
  • Minimum coins to get a payout is 1000 (equivalent to $5 in Amazon gift cards or PayPal)


Below is how much you can earn from your receipts, so the more you spend, the more coins you get. However, don’t spend more just to get more coins.


  • Able to scan just about any receipt, even if it’s not one of their accepted categories for coins, you can still get tickets for their monthly sweepstakes. The more tickets you get the higher your chances are of winning something. The rewards for the sweeps are tiered. I’ve only ever won 20 coins (lowest tier). The next tiers are 200 and 5000.
  • Includes other ways to earn coins. You can earn coins from its spin games (you get the chance to spin occasionally from receipts), surveys, and connecting your Amazon and email account. Note: I connected an alternate email of mine and declined to connect my Amazon account.
  • Level system. The more you use the app, the higher you go in level and you actually get a weekly bonus! Right now my weekly bonus is in the form of spins, but once you reach level 12, you get a weekly bonus in the form of coins.
  • The pig theme is cute.


  • Insanely long time to get a payout of $5. Although I suppose once I level up more, it will take less time to reach a payout.
  • Generally less reward to receipt ratio than the other apps I use.


Obviously I would rather have $5 than not, but it is not worth your time to just use this app alone. Stack this with apps like Ibotta, Checkout 51, Fetch, and ReceiptPal then you will start noticing some value. Additionally, when you go grocery shopping (as most of these apps seem to lean toward grocery stores anyway) stack those apps with cash back rewards from a Chase Freedom Credit Card and coupons and you can easily shave off about 25% off your grocery bill.Right now Chase is doing a special quarterly category that rewards you back 5% when you shop at grocery stores. So that’s a 6% cashback bonus just from Chase!

As always, here are my referral codes to the apps I just mentioned. ReceiptHog doesn’t do referrals anymore, so just download it.

Ibotta: epkgpnv or click here.

Fetch: R6ANK

Chase: Click here.

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