(M1#6) Defense Stocks Down, but Overall Up!

After the market closed on Friday, May the Fourth (be with you), I was surprised to see that I was overall up. I was even more surprised that my REITs are still maintaining a 1.76% overall gain, considering the volatility they have been displaying. I suppose when they plunge, many investors see that as a buying opportunity. I’m just holding for the long haul to earn compounded yields from all the dividends.

Defense Stocks Down

For some reason I thought that buying defense stocks was a good idea because America has the biggest defense budget out of any country in the world. For a while, they have shown some market gains, but since I purchased them, they have shown some major decline.Lockheed Martin: -10.02%Northrop Grumman: -13.06%Raytheon: -7.40%My other stocks have shown some pretty good gains, maybe I just bought in at a bad time. Still going to hold these stocks though, but maybe at a lower slice.


Bonds are still overall down, but again I just need to hold these for a while. Overall pretty happy with these gains. The dollar cost averaging method of $10 a day has been working pretty well for me mentally. I don’t have to keep analyzing the market to buy in at the right time. I also don’t have to take time out of my day to make a trade and decide how much I should spend. This puts me at ease and frees up more time for me to do other things.

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