Investment Ride-along (#7) – Overall Happy with Progress, but Will it Last?

So this is pretty awesome, my entire portfolio is up 2.02% for a total gain of $26.17. For the week, I am up 1.04% for a weekly gain of $16.71. 


The big gainers here are CyrusOne Inc (+11.71%) and National Storage Affiliates (+11.75%). CyrusOne specializes in carrier neutral data center properties. I suppose this makes sense, perhaps the retail store death could mean more space for data centers? Also, these spaces will be more useful in the future in our very technologically driven world. The gain through National Storage Affiliates also makes sense in a very indirect way. As interest rates go up, so do mortgage interest rates, and therefore less people are buying houses and more are moving into apartments. Therefore, more and more people needs places to store their stuff.

The big loser here is Tanger Factory Outlet Centers (-7.27% overall). Again, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the retail store death is very real and this stock specializes in it. I’m going to hold on this one though, because who knows what the future could hold, they re-purpose all their dying malls into something useful. Also, my portfolio doesn’t seem to be too affected by it overall.


I am happy to say that since I’ve opened my portfolio, my stocks have outpaced the S&P 500. There is no app that lets you do this as easily as M1 Finance does since I can basically diversify the way I want to for free. However, when the market is down, I’m down harder than the S&P 500, so obviously my stock choices are pretty aggressive. We’ll see in a few years how well I’m holding up though.

5-11-18 M1 Finance Stocks
I keep SPY as my top holding so that I don’t deviate too far from it, and can easily compare how I’m doing. I’m only outpacing it by 0.17% though 🙂

Plan Forward

I am still bracing for the bear market that is supposedly going to come. I want to do this by dividends. Market gains are nice, which is where most of my gains so far have come from, but I want more dividends, which is why 65% of my portfolio are REITs and Bonds. To me, dividends represent a steady stream of income and when they are paid out to you, so they can’t be taken away. However, market gains can be taken away depending on how a security is valued.

On a random note, I also want to diversify even more in my stock slice by purchasing Coca-Cola. They themselves are a very diverse company (not only owning Coke, but also many other beverage products) and have stood the test of time. This should be a basic for any stock investor.

$10 Bonus Link!

If you feel like you can do better than me with M1 Finance, give it a try with my referral link here! You’ll get a $10 head start of pure gains. Happy investing!


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