Make Money Flipping Furniture

Not all of us have the capital to flip houses, but you can still make some cash in flipping furniture. There are plenty of guides out there in flipping furniture for profit, but I’ve found that these tools can help add some immediate value to your flip if you don’t want to completely sand and paint. So invest a few dollars in this product to prevent buyers from low-balling you due to dings and scratches.

Furniture Specific Touch Up Markers

So these markers have been very helpful covering various scratches and dings in the wood (including particle board) furniture that I own. The desk below came with a bunch of scratches on the surface and was free on craigslist. The markers from Amazon were only $9.00 and I can already recoup that investment by selling this table for at least $10. Also, these aren’t any regular markers. They dry up a little thicker than normal so that they can fill up the dings in the furniture.

Below are some before and after pictures of the table. When using the markers it is important to remember:

  1. Start with a lighter shade, then work your way darker to prevent any mistakes.
  2. Use a cloth to wipe the excess marks so that it blends and does not dry up as blotches.
  3. Dab lightly!
2018-05-11 17.19.47
2018-05-11 17.32.57
2018-05-11 17.33.04
2018-05-11 17.30.12
Before – Close Up
2018-05-11 17.33.01
2018-05-11 17.19.42
Before – Close Up

Sliding Pads

Additionally, add a little more appeal to your furniture by adding these sliding pads! You can easily add at least another $10 in value for what essentially $2 worth of pads per furniture piece. Yes people can do this themselves, but if your flipped furniture already has them, it can save a buyer time and make your piece stand out from the other pieces of used furniture out there.


Invest in some furniture touch up markers and sliding pads to add to your furniture flipping toolkit and watch the profits come in. Happy flipping!


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