Extra Cash Report – An Extra $300 With Little Effort (April 2018)

1. CashBack Baby!

From our USAA Credit Card, we spent quite a bit this month. This was mostly due to us moving in and buying new furniture, stocking our pantry, and buying cleaning supplies. But I used a credit card for it all and paid it off immediately. We were able to get back $56.80.

From my Chase Credit Card, I only use it on groceries so that I can get 6% cash back (1% constant + 5% bonus category). This got us back $27.65.

Total Cash Back – $84.45!

Chase Cash BackUSAA Cash Back

2. Interest

Don’t need to explain this one, but my ‘High Performance Savings Account’ yielded $13.45

USAA interest

3. Dividends

$0.89 – Not a whole lot, but money is money. This is also a stream of steady income that has the potential to grow exponentially if re-invested.

Div 1Div 2Div 3

4. Craigslist

Very easy way for people to make cash here. I only sold two items this month.

One was all the boxes I used from my move (that were originally free for me). I sold the entire stack for $10.

The other item was a dresser that the previous owner of my house left behind. Sold it for $60.

Didn’t have to buy either of these items originally, so it was $70 of complete profit.

5. SwagBucks

I didn’t do any surveys because I simply just hate surveys. I just press play on some videos occasionally, and it got me a $3 Amazon Gift Card.


Click here for my personal referral link.

6. GrabPoints

I just let these videos play while I’m at work and overnight. I occasionally have to press refresh or click new videos. Overall, it has yielded $9. Not much, but I am $9 richer!


7. Receipt Hog

Just scan whatever receipt you have, this app pretty much takes them all. Finally got a $5 payout after two months.


8. Receipt Pal

Like with Receipt Hog, just scan receipts and get Amazon gift cards. Got a total of $4.Receipt Pal Earnings

9. OhmConnect

This program actually pays you for reducing your power usage for one hour at a time. You can remain ‘opted in’ if you know you can save or can ‘opt out’ if you don’t see yourself saving any power. If you don’t reduce your usage, you could actually lose points. We got $10 worth of points only because we are new users, but I’m curious to see how much we actually make over time.

Message me if you want a referral code.


10. Gift Cards

When I signed up for internet at my new house, I felt like I was being tugged between a bunch of different companies. I finally settled on AT&T. They gave us Unlimited Data, Over 300 Channels (yes, I know most of them are worthless or copies of each other), 50 mbps (this might seem low, but it is on a copper line so it isn’t affected by peak periods), and finally a $100 visa gift card that we received in the mail.


11. Google Rewards

Didn’t get a whole lot of opportunities from Google Rewards this month, but answered a couple questions here and there and got $2.14.


12. Society6 Artwork Sales

I haven’t spent any time on this, and I wish it would make more money without me working on it, but since last month I’ve made a total of $0.40 in sales. Big let down, but it’s completely passive and 100% profit.


13. Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Also completely passive are my affiliate marketing posts. Also a big let down, but I’ve pulled in $1.52 since last month in completely passive earnings.

amazon aff
This is $1.52 higher than last time

Grand Total and Final Thoughts

$303.85! Is it a lot? Kinda. If you think about it, that can be a monthly car payment, or a cell phone and cable bill. An extra 300 a month helps out quite a bit. If you read through my methods, many of them are small earnings by themselves, but they do add up. The trick is to make these with as little effort as possible so that you can stack as many of these methods together as possible.


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