7 Clever Ways to Earn $100 Per Month in Amazon Gift Cards

One strategy I like to employ in my household budget is offsetting my normal costs with Amazon gift cards. Amazon has made it very easy for you to earn their store’s credit. Yes, this is to entice you to buy from them, but if you are on a budget and Amazon has practically everything you need, this is a good strategy.

Of course, results will vary. However, here is my personal progress where I’ve earning at least $100 a month.

Amzn 373

1. Perk TV

This is super easy to earn points with. I just set up my ipad to play videos non-stop when I am working, eating, writing, etc. You get points for every ad you watch. After earning 5000 points, you reach the best ratio for Amazon Gift Cards – 1000 points = $1 Amazon GC. Set it up now – perk.com/r/b099b189

2. Swagbucks

Like Perk, you can earn by watching videos. You can also earn points doing other things like answering a daily poll, taking surveys, exploring content, using their search bar, and using their links to do online shopping. Start earning now – http://www.swagbucks.com/p/register?rb=42513499

3. Fetch Rewards

Do you go grocery shopping? Then use this app. Scan your receipt and turn it into Amazon gift cards. Simple. Sign up with this code and get an instant $3 worth of Amazon Gift Cards after scanning your first receipt. >>>       R6ANK         <<<

4. Job Spotter

This is a good app because you don’t need to meet a threshold to earn a payout. All you do is take pictures of help wanted signs from local businesses and submit them through the app, then you earn money. Cha-ching.

5. Shopkick

Three ways to earn points with this: walk in a store, scan certain in store products, scan receipts after buying promoted products. Simple. And now you are letting the Amazon gift cards stack up! Get yourself a some free money with this code: >>>  SAVE708203    <<<

6. Drop

This is as passive as it gets. Download the app, then link a credit card (yes, it is safe). Then whenever you shop at one of their partnered stores, you gets points. Their partner stores are places like Target and Walmart, where most people shop anyway. It’s basically like a cash back program on a credit card. Get some free points with referral code:
>>>     rqefs      <<<

7. Receipt Pal

I love this app because I can scan practically any receipt, they just have to be relatively recent. After you scan 16 valid receipts, you can cash out a $1 Amazon gift card. Yes, this is not a lot, but with all the other methods mentioned here, every penny counts. Download this app on the app store.

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