Four Tips to Increase Home Cooling Efficiency and Reduce Your Electric Bill

1. Get Solar Panels

And do not lease, as it creates a nightmare if you are a homeowner and would like to sell your home. Getting solar panels is an investment (even with financing) because of this principle: instead of paying your electric bill to the power company and never seeing that money again, put that money toward a set of solar panels, which reduce and hopefully eliminate your bill. Although you may be paying the same monthly, you will stop paying that bill eventually, and you can get all that money back or more if you sell your home because of the value it adds to your home.

2. Door Draft Guards

If you do not have central AC, this will put less work load on your AC by keeping the cold air in and keeping the hot air out. Anything you do to reduce the volume of hot air that needs to be displaced by the AC will cause it to use less electricity and therefore reduce your electric bill. Here is a good example of a draft guard.

3. Sun-blocking Curtains

This is perfect for central AC and split units. By PREVENTING the amount of air inside that is heated, that reduces the volume of hot air that your AC needs to displace to achieve the desired temperature. Plus these don’t look that bad either.

4. Maintenance

Whether you have a split unit or central AC. Regularly clean any filters and clean any surfaces for heat exchange, such as the coilsVenice Beach. If there is some dirt that prevents the process of heat exchange anywhere in your AC unit, it will reduce its overall efficiency. Keeping the efficiency up will keep your AC unit from acting as a bigger load and therefore keep your electric bill down. This is a good example of some coil cleaner.


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