Welcome to The Fact Finding.

Call me JR, but it’s ‘J’ and then ‘R’, not ‘Junior’. These are my random posts about Finance, Product Reviews, and pretty much anything I feel like posting about.


I’m a Navy Nuke. My background is mostly in the operation of nuclear reactors on board Naval aircraft carriers. It’s not as exciting as it sounds, it’s a lot of routine operations… but when things do wrong, we all sit down in a room and hold what’s called a ‘Fact Finding’. We go over the timeline of events, problems, and we keep asking why until we find the root cause. Then we implement short, interim and long term corrective actions to ensure this never happens again (whether or not we follow through with these actions is a different story). They are painful and I never want to go through them again, that’s why I chose that as the name of my website.