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Make Money Flipping Furniture

A couple quick tips / useful products to add immediate value to your furniture flips. Sometimes just touching up a couple dings is all you need. Continue reading Make Money Flipping Furniture

ReceiptHog: From Receipts to Riches

A review of the receipt scanning app ReceiptHog. For those interested in making some extra money off scanning receipts. You won’t get rich, but you still scan the same receipt to other apps. Continue reading ReceiptHog: From Receipts to Riches

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My Top 3 Picks for Grid Notebooks

I’ve always been a big fan of notebooks. For me, writing down notes and organizing my thoughts have always been easier on paper than electronically. My wife recently told me “nobody uses notebooks anymore.” While I love my wife, this is not true. Being in the military, I often find myself in spaces where electronic devices are not allowed, therefore having a pen and pad … Continue reading My Top 3 Picks for Grid Notebooks